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Do you live here in Idaho?

There’s never been a better time than now for you to order takeout and delivery at an Idaho restaurant near you. Be responsible, practice social distancing, and let’s “flatten the curve” while helping our local business owners!

We’ve made it incredibly easy for you to find all of your favorite Idaho places to eat at the same time and we’ve given Idaho Restaurants a very inexpensive platform for them to advertise on – so we hope you’ll use our website extensively.

What do we mean by “inexpensive?” – You see, a typical Radio advertisement can cost a restaurant owner (or any business owner) up to $3,000 for a 4-day advertising period. Meanwhile, a billboard advertisement might cost up to $6,000 just for one month of service. And even a newspaper advertisement or Google AdWords can cost a restaurant owner hundreds of dollars every few days.  – But here, on this site, restaurant owners can be seen for as little as $19 a month which breaks down to just $0.63 cents a day.

Now, during the social distancing restrictions placed upon our great state, restaurants don’t need to be paying an arm and a leg to be seen by their loyal fans – or while they try to acquire new fans – so we’re giving them a place to be seen for just pennies a day.


Whether you’re in Idaho – or somewhere else but you know someone in Idaho:

You can buy Idaho restaurant Gift Cards and really surprise, and/or comfort someone during these difficult times.

It’s true, restaurant owners usually sell gift cards that are good up to a full year in advance. If your special someone uses their gift card now, then they can enjoy a great takeout or delivery meal in the middle of these chaotic times. Or, they can wait until the social distancing rules are lifted and enjoy their meal inside the restaurant of your choice!

So, take a few minutes and find an Idaho restaurant near someone you love, your employees, your boss, your co-workers, friends or family and treat them with a gift certificate or gift card from their favorite Idaho place to eat.


Tell restaurants about our website – make sure they can be found.

Do you know of a favorite restaurant of yours that’s not here on our site?  If so, simply tell them about how they can be on our site for only $0.63 cents a day – and get more visibility and/or takeout and delivery orders for their restaurant.

Let them know that this is the most affordable place in Idaho to advertise – and that they can be up and live on our website in just a few hours after they sign up.

Spread the word – spread the hope – and stay 6 feet away from people so we don’t continue to spread the coronavirus!


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Buy Gift Cards or Gift Certificates

restaurant gift cards

Restaurant Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

Buying gift cards for someone from an Idaho Restaurant gives them a chance to have a great meal at a place they like and you’re spreading hope that we’ll all get through these tough times together. 

Buying Idaho Restaurant Gift Cards:

  • Boosts our local Idaho economy
  • Helps local restaurants to stay afloat
  • Shows someone you care about them

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